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Amala Beauty

Amala Beauty
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Evolution to DTC


A brand pivot is a new promise


Elevate heritage brand elements


Sales increase and acquisition

Amala Beauty

A decade ago, we branded Germany’s Amala Beauty as they pioneered the burgeoning all-natural skincare market. What began as a collective commitment to the highest natural standards has evolved to potent efficacy that goes head-to-head with traditional beauty. To effectively pivot from a luxury spa brand to the competitive DTC space, Amala asked us to visualize their unique formula and ingredient approach, clearly communicate benefits, and speak to an increased consumer desire for personalization. 

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Amala Overview

A brand pivot is a new promise.

Reimagining a brand with years of equity begins with a return to the landscape. We started with a wide look at the naturals marketplace then focused the brand lens through the persona's needs to arrive at new positioning. With fresh clarity, we calibrated the brand system to serve the customer directly. 

The chemistry lies within us. 

Field research of the retail landscape and persona development led to results-forward positioning of Living Skincare for Living Skin. The face of Amala is the customer, not a celebrity or influencer; the products empower skin to strengthen, repair and protect itself. Art direction focused on bio-fermented actives which naturally adjust to each person’s chemistry, resulting in “a made to measure” effect.

Elevate heritage brand elements.

For Amala 2.0, the brand name, logo, and signature materials of copper and cork held the most equity. We evolved the packaging system to reflect the purity of the product ingredients, while maintaining a brand language that was recognizable to existing customers. Brighter copper accents, a new collection color palette, metallic inlays in cork details, and cleaner matte white finishes reintroduced a more confident luxe beauty brand.

Design packaging for the sell environment.

Product packaging always has two jobs: showcase and protect the contents. For DTC, showcasing means legibility in ecommerce photography. Amala’s updated packaging system highlights benefit-forward product names in oversize typography. Opaque white bottles are light-safe to protect the preservative-free formulas and create a consistent high-contrast background for readability.

Capture photography that feels alive.

Amala’s new product formulas are proprietary blends of bio-fermented actives that naturally adjust to the unique needs of each person’s skin. We brought to life “Living Skincare for Living Skin” through an abstract approach to art direction visualizing the process of ingredient blending. Moving away from typical botanical imagery, we looked through a more molecular lens to explore the nature of each bio-active ingredient.

Showcase natural biotechnology.

With over ten years of clinically-proven results in the world's 5-star spas, Amala is the only broad line of 100% natural non-toxic cosmeceuticals. Brand collateral celebrates biotechnology through photography, empirical data, and detailed ingredient benefits.

Think of the site as a beauty advisor.

Site UX incorporates insights from field research, filtering the product experience through questions a beauty advisor would ask. Customers can shop by collection or by skin concern and narrow choices through filters to arrive at a targeted product recommendation. "Power of 3" feature cross-sells complementary products for increased potency. Deluxe sample selector in cart and product ratings in customer account add luxury service touches. 

Language Dept. is an extension of my own team. Everyone at the table feels as fully invested in my brand as I am.

  • Joi Ruud,

  • Global Brand Marketing, Amala

global sales increase

Brand milestones


  • Audience & Landscape Research
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Audit
  • Identity System
  • Packaging System
  • Art Direction
  • Web & Mobile Design
  • Environmental Experiences


  • Sarah Asip, System Design & Research
  • Jenn Cash, Strategy & Creative Direction
  • Angela Choi, UX and Packaging Design
  • Viviane Jalil, UX and Packaging Design
  • Tanya Quick, Strategy & Creative Direction
  • Rachel Shim, System Design & Research
  • Niquita Taliaferro, UX & Visual Design
  • Jada Vogt, Art Direction & Visual Design
  • Frank Wild, Studio Assistant


  • Joi Ruud, Global Marketing
  • Gentl & Hyers, Still Life Photography
  • Victor Prado, Product Photography

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